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Weekly Count-DOWN Pregnancy Tags for Stork Bundle Shirt - Full Set

3D MaterniTees



Do you have a scheduled delivery?  If so, these are the weekly pregnancy tags for you.  These are designed to embellish our adorable Stork Bundle T-Shirts, and instead of counting the number of weeks pregnant you are, you can track how many weeks TO GO until your special delivery is due.  The set includes 28 total Weeks To Go tags:  27-1 as well as a "1 Day To Go" tag, just for fun.

***Please note that these tags are not belly stickers that you can use on your own shirt; they are hanging tags that are designed to be used specifically on our Stork Bundle Maternity T-Shirts.  Stork Bundle T-Shirt sold separately.***

Each tag is 4" in diameter and is double-sided (2 weeks on each tag).  The tags are made of a soft foam material, and they hang by a loop from the shirt's sewn-on button.  They are easily removable, reusable and interchangeable with our other tag options, making our Stork Bundle tee a versatile and unique maternity t-shirt.