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Stork Bundle Shirt w/ Set of 10 Weekly COUNTDOWN Belly Tags

3D MaterniTees



If you have a scheduled delivery, the Stork Bundle Maternity T-Shirt and Weekly COUNTDOWN Belly Tags are the perfect way to track how many weeks TO GO until your special delivery is due (instead of counting how many weeks pregnant you are).  This is the same concept as belly stickers, but with a twist...simply hang the tag on the shirt's sewn-on button and snap some photos to document your bump's growth!

  • Set of 10 tags includes "24," "20," "16," "12," "8," "4," "3," "2," and "1 Week To Go" tags and a bonus "1 Day to Go" tag
  • Lightweight foam tags are 4" in diameter and double-sided (2 weeks on each tag)
  • Tags are easily removable, reusable, and interchangeable with our other tag options (tags with due date, baby's name, etc.)
  • Wear shirt without tag for a more everyday look
  • Shirt available with green, blue, or pink stork bundle
  • True maternity shirts - side ruching, extra length in front, 95% cotton/5% Spandex
  • Quality shirts - not see-through!
  • Shirts run a bit small - check "Shirt Sizing" tab and consider going up in size

***Please note that these tags are not belly stickers that you can use on your own shirt; they are hanging tags that are designed to be used specifically on our Stork Bundle T-Shirts.***