Monthly Pregnancy Tags for Stork Bundle Shirt

3D MaterniTees



Designed to embellish our adorable Stork Bundle T-Shirts, this set of monthly pregnancy tags are the perfect way to show off how far along you are in your pregnancy.  The set includes 10 months:  1-9 months as well as a "Past Due" 9 Months tag, just in case.

***Please note that these tags are not belly stickers that you can use on your own shirt; they are hanging tags that are designed to be used specifically on our Stork Bundle Maternity T-Shirts.  Stork Bundle T-Shirt sold separately.***

Each tag is 4" in diameter and is double-sided (2 months on each tag).  The tags are made of a soft foam material, and they hang by a loop from the shirt's sewn-on button.  They are easily removable, reusable and interchangeable with our other tag options, making our Stork Bundle tee a versatile and unique maternity t-shirt.