Stork Bundle Shirt with Due Date Tag

3D MaterniTees



Green, pink, and blue stork bundles available.

You will look absolutely adorable in this fun and unique stork bundle shirt! Be ready for people to ooh and ahh over you! Embellished with a "Special Delivery" hanging tag that includes the month and year that you are due, it's the perfect shirt to wear to announce your pregnancy, for your maternity photo shoot, in your profile pic, or to your baby shower. It also makes a great gift for the mom-to-be!

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**FLATTERING - great-quality, true maternity t-shirt with side ruching and extra length in front
**COMFORTABLE - soft cotton with the perfect amount of stretch (95% cotton/5% Spandex)
**EASY TO WASH - easily remove hanging tag, turn shirt inside out and cold wash. Line dry.

^^SHIRTS RUN A BIT ON THE SMALL SIDE - CONSIDER GOING UP ONE SIZE, especially if you have a large bust, you are in the later stages of your pregnancy, and/or you don't like your shirts to be very form-fitting.^^

*The lightweight hanging tag is made of a soft foam material and is 4" in diameter; it hangs by a loop from the shirt's sewn-on button.
*Wear the shirt without the hanging tag for a more everyday look: Simply unclip the decorative bow, lift the tag off the shirt's button, and keep tag in safe place to be re-used another day.
*The Stork Bundle tag is NOT a traditional belly sticker; it is designed to be used specifically on our Stork Bundle shirts.